Vermiculture Composting Toilet Plans and How to Compost at Home

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Incorporating vermiculture bins into our composting toilet plans is one way we see of building a compost bin into our human waste disposal plan. Doing this will take composting with worms indoors with a new eco friendly toilet we believe anyone will be able to duplicate. In our opinion, there are more and more people starting to think about how to compost at home and we are open source project-launch blueprinting  and free-sharing all our plans for a vermiculture composting toilet (and eco showers) as part of the earthbag village (Pod 1) that will incorporate vermiculture bins into an eco friendly toilet model that will:

● Teach people how to make their own eco friendly toilets and compost at home
● Demonstrate indoor worm composting as an option for human waste disposal
● Include a traditional septic for people that want one and counties that need one

Continued evolution of these designs posted at the bottom of this page.



Worms for Composting and Zero-waste Living

Building a composting bin and composting with worms is nothing new; what is new is what we see as a large shift in people interested in what we call living For The Highest Good of All and comprehensive sustainability focused on zero-waste living that includes a re-examination and consideration of our current collection and processing approach to human waste disposal through collection at centralized processing centers, sterilization, and then pumping it into our global water bodies.

 “Turn the ‘garbage’ into ‘compost’ for the garden of your life.”
~ Author Unknown

How to Make Your Own Compost Resourcescomposting bin, building a composting bin, composting with worms, living for the highest goodWhile most people are still thinking about how to make a compost bin for home-garden or basic indoor composting only, we see a much broader application if eco friendly toilets incorporating vermiculture and worm composting can be made easily, safely, more affordably, so it’s easy to use, and in compliance with county requirements. We are now designing a vermiculture composting bathroom that will meet these requirements with the added open source details covering exact labor hours to build it yourself, detailed materials costs and where to buy, maintenance requirements, compost production volume based on number of people using it, trouble shooting, working with your local government guides, and more.

Earthworm composting and red worms composting are incredibly efficient ways to convert everything from paper to table scraps and even human waste into nutrient-rich compost for your garden. Vermiculture composting experts agree that compost produced by worms will produce the best results and help your plants thrive.

Click here for a free PDF manual comprehensively covering vermiculture and vermicomposting

Here’s a great overview video including how to make your own worm composting bins from plastic containers you can get pretty much anywhere:

Vermicomposting for the Future

We see worm composting bin integration into eco friendly toilets as the wave of the future with tremendous benefit and application especially for third world countries struggling with waste disposal and food production. Before this can happen, however, we see the necessity for demonstrating and open source sharing a model that is affordable and easy to build and use while simultaneously meeting existing international building and health standards.

This is what we are creating and here are some possible links of interest if you’d like to learn more about the open source purpose of our non-profit organization or follow the details specific to our vermicompost bin integration and open source sustainable building and composting toilet plans:

Pod 1: Where we will be integrating this vermiculture composting toilet
Progress Page: Everything we are working on and the aspects of One Community we need help with
New Updates Fan Page: Where we post all updates and announce open source resources as they become available


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