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Eco-friendly, cost effective, duplicable, artistic, sustainable, and beautiful; the One Community designs are meant to showcase and open source project-launch blueprint the diversity of eco-options available for large-scale self-sufficient and sustainable communal living and building at a fraction of the standard cost in almost any environment. Applying Highest Good thinking to infrastructure, we are researching, developing, and open source and free-sharing our idea of Highest Good FoodEnergy, and Housing so they can be duplicated modularly or as complete self-sufficient and self-propagating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities to be built all over the world.




FOOD    ●    ENERGY    ●    POD 1    ●    POD 2    ●    TROPICAL ATRIUM    ●    SEGO CENTER


One Community, global change, green objectives, sustainability, tree mushroom cloud, dropping the green bombThe primary goal of the One Community eco-building strategy is open source project-launch blueprinting, building, and demonstrating seven sustainable village models that will be the foundation for what we believe most people will consider a significantly more holistic and fulfilling living experience. We are doing this to start a movement of self-sufficient and self-propagating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities to be built all over the world because we will provide:

  • A living demonstration open to the public
  • Free-shared blueprints and plans for duplication
  • Detailed tutorial on every component as we build it
  • A diversity of modular options to meet individual needs
  • Detailed cost and time investment needed for duplication
  • Detailed and on-going maintenance and evolution reports
  • Resource guide for materials and professional development help
  • Open source project-launch blueprinting of Highest Good educationbusiness structuresocial structure, and the culture itself of living and creating for The Highest Good of All that we believe is A) what most people want and B) specifically supported and ultimately made possible by Highest Good infrastructure


The sustainable construction design of One Community is seven eco-artistic themed village models that house anywhere from 30-100 people each, the SEGO Center City Hub, comprehensive alternative energy infrastructure, food self-sufficiency infrastructure, and a variety of stand alone buildings purposed to serve specific functions like playroom, meditation room, art room, music room, exercise room, multi-media room, library, etc. We are open source project-launch blueprinting each of these components to build One Community as a duplicable teacher/demonstration village demonstrating living for The Highest Good of All through seven different village models that each:

  • Can be affordably duplicated
  • Use a different sustainable building method
  • Integrate food production and off-grid energy
  • Can be constructed with minimal or no use of heavy equipment
  • Integrate at least one beautiful multi-use space (example: Tropical Atrium & Meditation Center)
  • Specifically cater to a Highest Good societal model focused on personal growth, fulfilled daily living activities, and allocation of resources to specifically designed communal spaces to meet the social, recreational, creative, and private/quiet needs that would normally be fulfilled in a living room or other dedicated personal home space; demonstrating homes of people focused on a much more active living experience and primarily designed for sleeping and intimacy

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Pod 1: Click Image for Details


Strawbale architecture, building with straw bales, straw bale sustainability, sustainable world, open source green living plans

Pod 2: Click Image for Details

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The SEGO City Hub: Click Image for Details Page

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Aquaponics: Click Image for Details Page


Building our structures like this, combined with the more comprehensive view of the One Community design (Pods +  social architecture + community contribution, etc.), showcases truly ecological living as a life dedicated to growth, contribution, collaboration, and creativity. We call this “ecologically living the creative life” because it is a more fulfilling and emotionally sustainable lifestyle made possible by the foundation of comprehensive physical sustainability and a significant relearning and refocusing of what life is about. Whereas traditional city designs and lifestyles are focused on isolated spaces separated by fences and the “dog eat dog” world of competition, One Community’s design is focused on open spaces, social interaction, collaboration, cooperation and sharing each aspect for implementation, evolution, and expansion with our global community.


One Community is about recognizing that we are all in this together. To help do our part and support the global movement towards the future we all know is possible, we are open source project-launch blueprinting everything we do as a new way to live for The Highest Good of All, cohesively and harmoniously, and inviting people to participate in whatever way works best for them.  A minimum of thirty percent of the One Community physical infrastructure is being dedicated to our outreach program including scholarships and sustainability tourism; and everything we are creating is open source and being designed to share and help others make each new teacher/demonstration community, village, and city even easier to build. In addition to all this, we are also actively seeking to assist and partner locally and globally with similarly focused individuals so we can all progress further, faster.

"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model.

You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called."
~ Buckminster Fuller ~