Charlie Price: The Future of Aquaponics

Charlie Price

Charlie Price, from the social enterprise Aquaponics UK, explores the role aquaponics can play in the future of our collective food supply. In this talk he provides an insight into the applications for aquaponics with specific attention to its use as a new approach to urban agriculture, turning wastes into resources, and transforming disused urban spaces to provide not only food, but resilient communities.

These technologies give us the tools to maximize the productivity of our limited available resources in a manner that replenishes what’s used without harming the environment. By utilizing an aquaponics system, it is possible to grow 30-50kg of vegetables per 1kg of fish produced. Byproducts of the system are utilized back into their complementary parts in the system as feed to further reduce the input requirements. This means simple solutions that create more from less in the least likely of places by combining aquaculture with hydroponics for the following benefits:

● Recycling wastes into resources
● Combining complimentary technologies to try and close the loop on food production
● Creating ecosystems in places they normally wouldn’t exist
● Promoting biodiversity
● Producing food

Urban agriculture aims to take advantage of under-utilized or abandoned spaces that are not traditionally used for food production. New techniques maximize available square footage by taking advantage of vertical farming and even vertically rotating assemblies that provide a compact,  self-contained, and low maintenance approach for automating food production. This significantly increases the amount of food a single person can produce.


3 Responses to “Charlie Price: The Future of Aquaponics”
  1. Michael Linden says:

    Huh! It’s really interesting to see a lecture which illustrates and explains some of the techniques explained here on the website. I had no idea so much output was possible with so little input. So often I instead hear about the incredible amount of water waste on so many farms. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Pioneer_Bishop says:

    I’m glad you found it useful. The potential here is only beginning to be discovered. Imagine the world when everyone is capable of providing for their own needs free of all of the unnecessary entanglements of current day society. Technologies like these and will bring us closer and closer to realizing that potential. Now sure is an exciting time to be alive and things are only picking up speed 🙂

  3. Shawn odneal says:

    Great lecture, would love to have you out at my urban aquaponics garden center in Chicago.. Please look me up if you ever in the states! Root 66 Aquaponics

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